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Today I did the big chop. As stated in my last post “The Night Before” I had to prepare my hair for this cut because my hair was still in braids. So after I washed and deep conditioned my hair, the plan was that I was going to have my mom cut off my relaxed ends. It seemed simply enough in theory, well this plan didn’t actually work in reality. After my mother cut the majority of the relaxer off I still had relaxed ends all over my head. I couldn’t go to work like that on Monday so  my mother convinced me to go to the barber so that I could get a shape up and remove the relaxed ends.

I’ve never been to the barber before so I was a little scared. But once I sat in the chair I told the barber that I just cut off my relaxed ends and that I needed a shape up. He started by asking me “how low do I want my hair cut?” I looked at him with fear in my eyes and he said he will walk me through the process. First he took off about an inch and that took care of the relaxed ends. Than he explained to me that he wanted to give my a style, he stated ” tapered on the side and some hair on top so that your wear your hair curly”. I was happy with that suggestion because I was not pleased with the way my hair was looking.

So after the barber cut and styled my hair, which only cost $12 I might add, I went home wet my hair added some leave-in moisturizer and gel and I was all set to go out. I never intended to cut my hair this short. I grew out my hair for nine months because I wanted to have some length to it. But I am happy with the outcome. I look at my short hair as a chance to learn how to take care of my natural hair. I can try different hair products and see which ones provide the best outcome; sleep in a little longer before getting up for work and most importantly I can stay cool for the summer!


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