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Weather Anchor Fired for Defending Her Hair

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Weather Anchor Fired for Defending Her Hair.


What’s a Girl to do?

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With summer coming to an end and my hair beginning to grow out, I find myself asking this question lately. In my previous blog post “The Good Hair Day Remedy” I discussed why temperature, humidity and dew point is so important for curly or natural hair. Now I’m questioning what am I supposed to do with my hair in the winter months? In the summer were trying to protect our hair from all the moisture in the air, I find it comical that we have the opposite problem in the winter. In the winter, at least on the east coast, there isn’t any moisture in the air other than when snows.

I am anxious about my first winter with natural hair. In the past during the winter months my hair was miserable; I suffer from dry scalp during this time and believe me I have tried every dry scalp remedy. Hot oil treatment, hair streamer, oiling my scalp with ever and any natural oil but nothing seems to work. My hair also becomes extremely dry because of the lack of moisture in the air and when I apply a thick creamy leave in these types of products tends to weigh my hair down. So I walk around with white flakes and oil hair, so not attractive! I read an article that stated that newly naturals, who did the Big Chop, have to start detangling after their hair grew out three inches. Guess who’s going to have three inches just in time for winter? Me!

So here’s my plan I’m going to wait until October and then I’m going to start researching what types of products I need to use and start buying samples to try on my hair to help me during this dreadful season. I have to remind myself that this is part of my journey and once I figure out how to make my hair look and feel great during the winter months I have reached this goal. Am I the only one feeling anxious about the effects winter has on natural hair?

Good Foundation

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Like anything in life you should have a good jumping off point;  Or should I say a good foundation. Whenever I find a new interest I tend to purchase a book. In the past couple of years I have become interested in photography. Before I purchased my DSLR camera or my Lenses I purchased a photography book. Photography is an expensive hobby so I needed to read up on the subject before I could commit to the hobby.

The same can be applied to healthy hair care. During the five years on this hair journey I have become a product junkie, I do not know how much money I have spent of hair products. But I got to the point that after throwing a lot of hair products out I still had enough products to last me four to six months. So when I started this natural journey my first instinct was to go out and buy products. So I started watching people on Youtube to see what type of products  I should purchase. Coincidentally around that same time everyone on Youtube and the social networks were reviewing this book called: “A Comprehensive Guide to Texture Hair Care The Science of Black Hair” By Audrey Davis-Sivasothy. (The book can be purchased at thought to myself if I am unwilling to commit to photography without a good understanding on the topic, then why would I just dive in head first into natural hair care?

So I decided to purchase The Science of Black Hair and I couldn’t have been happier. I’m not going to go into what I learn point by point but what I will say is that Davis-Sivasothy explains in five units: The Science of Black Hair; Healthy Hair Management; Working with Chemicals in a Healthy Hair Care Regimen; Children’s Hair Care; and The Hair-Total Body Connection. My favorite part of This book is that it provides a list of products that are recommended for our hair type. If you want to commit to your hair journey I recommend that you read this book.