Quiet Confidence

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20120721_170822.jpgThey say it’s not who you are on the outside, but who you are on the inside that counts. I agree with this statement but I would have to add that how you represent yourself on the outside is a reflection of yourself on the inside. The first time you meet a person you can size them up before saying hello. You look to see how they carry themselves; do they stand up straight or slouch? Do they take pride in their appearance? Are they wearing garments that flatter their figure? Is their hygiene in check? The list goes on… I find it amazing that we can learn so much about a person by how they carry themselves.

My demeanor alludes confidence; it’s not a conceded confidence. It’s the type of confidence that tells the world how comfortable I am in my own skin. This type of confidence comes from self-love and exploration. When I meet someone for the first time I examine their body language and clothes. So If I was to examine myself I would think that this girl is confident because of how she carries herself. She stands up straight when she walks which shows she has high self-esteem. The outfit she chose is interesting because she isn’t showing too much skin and yet she has chosen items that flatter her figure. Which tells me that one, she takes pride in her appearance and two that she knows who she is because she is able to select clothing items, put them together and convey the message of confidence with ease and believe me that is not easy.

My eye glasses needed to coincide with the message I am telling the world. I wear glasses 90% of the time so I needed these glasses to show the world that I have a quiet confidence about myself.  I was anxious about buying a new pair of glasses because of my hair cut. I love that my hair cut reveals my facial features, birth mark and moles. I didn’t want these glasses to compete with my hair cut and face. I needed frames that would flatter my face, look nice and not draw attention away from my hair cut.

I believe I did a great job with the glasses I chose. I found this Prada frame that flattered my face, looked nice and didn’t draw attention away from my hair. If you’re like me and you did the big chop and/or have to wear glasses 90% of the time. Figure out how you want your glasses to represent yourself. Do you want your glasses to fade into the background, like myself, or maybe you want to be bold and let your glasses be front and center. Have fun eye-glass shopping or shopping in general and remember to have fun because all you’re doing is showing the world a reflection of you on the inside.