A year and a half natural.

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I am so sorry… I did not realize that I haven’t submitted an entry in a year. I promised to have a post up soon explaining how my hair journey is going. Above you will find an array of pictures showing the stages of my hair journey.


What’s a Girl to do?

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With summer coming to an end and my hair beginning to grow out, I find myself asking this question lately. In my previous blog post “The Good Hair Day Remedy” I discussed why temperature, humidity and dew point is so important for curly or natural hair. Now I’m questioning what am I supposed to do with my hair in the winter months? In the summer were trying to protect our hair from all the moisture in the air, I find it comical that we have the opposite problem in the winter. In the winter, at least on the east coast, there isn’t any moisture in the air other than when snows.

I am anxious about my first winter with natural hair. In the past during the winter months my hair was miserable; I suffer from dry scalp during this time and believe me I have tried every dry scalp remedy. Hot oil treatment, hair streamer, oiling my scalp with ever and any natural oil but nothing seems to work. My hair also becomes extremely dry because of the lack of moisture in the air and when I apply a thick creamy leave in these types of products tends to weigh my hair down. So I walk around with white flakes and oil hair, so not attractive! I read an article that stated that newly naturals, who did the Big Chop, have to start detangling after their hair grew out three inches. Guess who’s going to have three inches just in time for winter? Me!

So here’s my plan I’m going to wait until October and then I’m going to start researching what types of products I need to use and start buying samples to try on my hair to help me during this dreadful season. I have to remind myself that this is part of my journey and once I figure out how to make my hair look and feel great during the winter months I have reached this goal. Am I the only one feeling anxious about the effects winter has on natural hair?

Quiet Confidence

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20120721_170822.jpgThey say it’s not who you are on the outside, but who you are on the inside that counts. I agree with this statement but I would have to add that how you represent yourself on the outside is a reflection of yourself on the inside. The first time you meet a person you can size them up before saying hello. You look to see how they carry themselves; do they stand up straight or slouch? Do they take pride in their appearance? Are they wearing garments that flatter their figure? Is their hygiene in check? The list goes on… I find it amazing that we can learn so much about a person by how they carry themselves.

My demeanor alludes confidence; it’s not a conceded confidence. It’s the type of confidence that tells the world how comfortable I am in my own skin. This type of confidence comes from self-love and exploration. When I meet someone for the first time I examine their body language and clothes. So If I was to examine myself I would think that this girl is confident because of how she carries herself. She stands up straight when she walks which shows she has high self-esteem. The outfit she chose is interesting because she isn’t showing too much skin and yet she has chosen items that flatter her figure. Which tells me that one, she takes pride in her appearance and two that she knows who she is because she is able to select clothing items, put them together and convey the message of confidence with ease and believe me that is not easy.

My eye glasses needed to coincide with the message I am telling the world. I wear glasses 90% of the time so I needed these glasses to show the world that I have a quiet confidence about myself.  I was anxious about buying a new pair of glasses because of my hair cut. I love that my hair cut reveals my facial features, birth mark and moles. I didn’t want these glasses to compete with my hair cut and face. I needed frames that would flatter my face, look nice and not draw attention away from my hair cut.

I believe I did a great job with the glasses I chose. I found this Prada frame that flattered my face, looked nice and didn’t draw attention away from my hair. If you’re like me and you did the big chop and/or have to wear glasses 90% of the time. Figure out how you want your glasses to represent yourself. Do you want your glasses to fade into the background, like myself, or maybe you want to be bold and let your glasses be front and center. Have fun eye-glass shopping or shopping in general and remember to have fun because all you’re doing is showing the world a reflection of you on the inside.

Design Essentials Strengthening Therapy System

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Design Essentials created a line of salon-only treatments designed to improve manageability, shine, curl definition and reduce frizz and swelling for up to 12 weeks. The video above is a step by step guide for controlling and taming frizz for natural hair. A series of videos are available on the Design Essentials youtube channel and

So What Made You Decide to Cut Your Hair?

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Question Mark, I think

I was asked this exact question ALL weekend! What frustrates me is not that everyone keeps asking me this question its that I don’t really have an inspirational story to tell because this hair cut was a happy accident. None the less I love my hair cut and my family, friends, boyfriend and co-workers love my hair cut too. They say that I really look nice and that I have the perfect face for this style. So all in all I am happy with the outcome.

A part of me is still waiting for someone to have a negative comment. But I am going to push that out of my mind because God has given me favor over this situation. One thing I have learned from this experience is that I am 100% comfortable in my skin. I know who I am and most importantly I love who I am. It is fantastic that everyone in my life is so supportive of my new hair style. But the truth is if I wasn’t comfortable with myself there would be no way that anyone would have seen this hair cut. I would have got up from the barber’s chair went to my car and cried my eyes out. Than the next day I would have went to the hair store and bought a wig and every time I would have taken that wig off I would have started to cry all over again.

So for me to walk out of the barber’s chair actually liking  my hair style and going about my weekend is huge for me. I still can’t believe how this hair cut happened. If you would have told me six months ago I was going to cut my hair this short I would have called you a liar. I tend to be introverted, I enjoy being alone and I keep to myself in social settings so for me to cut my hair this short I can’t help but get noticed. Me getting noticed makes me a little nervous but I am up for the challenge. This experience is another way that I will grow as a person. The way I look at life is that if you are not growing and changing as an individual you are not living life. I know that I am not the same person I was a year ago and I won’t be the same person a year from now.

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

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Today I did the big chop. As stated in my last post “The Night Before” I had to prepare my hair for this cut because my hair was still in braids. So after I washed and deep conditioned my hair, the plan was that I was going to have my mom cut off my relaxed ends. It seemed simply enough in theory, well this plan didn’t actually work in reality. After my mother cut the majority of the relaxer off I still had relaxed ends all over my head. I couldn’t go to work like that on Monday so  my mother convinced me to go to the barber so that I could get a shape up and remove the relaxed ends.

I’ve never been to the barber before so I was a little scared. But once I sat in the chair I told the barber that I just cut off my relaxed ends and that I needed a shape up. He started by asking me “how low do I want my hair cut?” I looked at him with fear in my eyes and he said he will walk me through the process. First he took off about an inch and that took care of the relaxed ends. Than he explained to me that he wanted to give my a style, he stated ” tapered on the side and some hair on top so that your wear your hair curly”. I was happy with that suggestion because I was not pleased with the way my hair was looking.

So after the barber cut and styled my hair, which only cost $12 I might add, I went home wet my hair added some leave-in moisturizer and gel and I was all set to go out. I never intended to cut my hair this short. I grew out my hair for nine months because I wanted to have some length to it. But I am happy with the outcome. I look at my short hair as a chance to learn how to take care of my natural hair. I can try different hair products and see which ones provide the best outcome; sleep in a little longer before getting up for work and most importantly I can stay cool for the summer!