Making Your Dollar Stretch

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International Money Pile in Cash and Coins

Here are some tips that I have learned and applied to financing my healthy hair journey.

Search for products on hair online boutiques.

  • Curlmart ( is a hair online boutique that offers hair products for curl, coily and wavy hair. This was a fantastic starting point for me when I was transitioning because CurlMart explained what type of products would likely work for my hair type.  Right now CurlMart is offering 20% off plus free shipping on purchases over $60. Coupon Code: FREESHIP60
  • Curls of Joy ( are another hair online boutique that has hair products for curly, coily and wavy hair.  Curls of Joy offer Loyalty Rewards; their motto is the more you purchase the more you save:
  1. Silver Status Place 2 orders, get 10% off your 3rd, 4th, and 5th order.
  2. Bronze Status- Place 5 orders, get 15% off your 6th through 10th order
  3. Gold Status- Place 10 orders, get 20% off all future order
  • Amazon ( is a great place to purchase hair products. Amazon is an online store that is able to offer products at a lesser value because they do not physically stock their products like the traditional retailer.

Search for Ways to Save Money

The best part about purchasing items online is the coupon codes and

incentives. Here is a lesson that I learned in College:

It is more expensive for a company to attract new customers then it is to keep and satisfy the customers they already have.  So with that being said many companies will offer you coupon codes, incentives and free gifts with your purchase. A company I ordered from, AveYou (, sent me my package and attached a card that said “Hello Gorgeous” on one side and a coupon code on the other side with a recyclable bag with their logo on it.

  • If the product you want is not on sale search online for coupon or promo codes. A website I like is; they offer coupon codes on hair boutiques and more.
  • Be informed when online boutiques have sales. Black Friday is not the only time to purchase big ticketed items, hair products are also on sale!!! To find out about upcoming sales sign up for email notifications at your favorite hair product website.

When There is a Will There is a Way.

If your reading this and your saying to yourself I can’t afford these products, here are three options

  • First, establish what your comfortable spending on hair products and what product companies line fall into your budget. For example Shea Moisture, in my opinion, is reasonable prices with most items costing $10.
  • Second, if you’re not sure about what type of products you might like and your budget is tight go online and see if the hair product company you are interested in has sample sets. Curl Junkie ( and My Honey Child ( are companies that I have personally ordered sample sets from.
  • Third, if you agree with everything I said but you still can’t afford the hair products you want it’s time to get creative. What is your side hustle? What is the one thing you are good at that you can turn into a little business? Now when I say side hustle I mean a legal talent.  I don’t care what anyone says everyone on this earth is good at least one thing. You just have to figure out what that talent is and how you can turn that into a business. Maybe you’re good at braiding people’s hair. You can charge them for your services in return earn some money.

What you can do is if you’re a struggling college student and have a room full of text books. You can sell those text books to Amazon. In return Amazon will give you a gift card and you can use that card to purchase your hair items. That’s how I bought my Huetiful Hair Steamer! Hope this helps!!!