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Exiting the TWA Stage.

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A year and a half natural.

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I am so sorry… I did not realize that I haven’t submitted an entry in a year. I promised to have a post up soon explaining how my hair journey is going. Above you will find an array of pictures showing the stages of my hair journey.

Feeling Claustrophobic

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Global hair texture map

“So what do you plan on doing to your hair?” This question has been asked from day one. At first I expected these type of question (Why did you cut your hair?, What made you decide to go natural?…) from family and friends but I just assumed that they would adjust and accept that I am no longer using chemicals to alter my hair. Apparently I was wrong, I’ve been natural for eight months and this question has occurred more frequently. When I respond by saying: I plan on letting my hair grow. They can’t seem to accept that as an answer. Believe me my curly fro is always intact when I step outside. I spend extra time in the morning applying products and shaping my fro so I look presentable. Maybe I should explain when I say “I plan on letting me hair grow” , maybe I should say: “Honestly I don’t know what I am going to do with my hair. I am getting to know my hair and I am enjoying the journey. I don’t know what my hair is going to look like when it becomes longer. But, as time passes and my hair starts to show some length I’ll start to look into styles.” What I really want to say is: What is it to you? I know that’s mean but I’m starting to get annoyed. One of the reasons I went natural was because I wanted to be free from the type cast society places on people.

Have you ever noticed, especially in the United States, that we categorize things we do not understand? For example hair type casting, there are hair types 1, 2, 3 and 4 as well as A, B and C. Why is it that my hair has to be a number and letter to be part of the natural hair community? It’s like if you don’t have the right hair combination you are not allowed into the club. Basically a hair type tool used to help people take care of their hair has become a hindrance. We placed limits on the tool created to help us. We divided the hair type casting into the best and worst hair type. 1 and A type hair being the best and 4 and C type hair being the worst. Everything in between is okay because it’s closer to type 1 and heaven forbid you have different hair types on your head. I have 3C/4A hair. So I can’t be part of the type 3 hair group because I have type 4 hair. Ladies we have to do better. Did you know that no two individuals have the same hair texture? You might have similar hair texture with a group of people but it’s not identical.

I’m tired of feeling like I have to be placed in a box to be accepted. I am different, I am special, and I am one of a kind.  So to be categorized into a hair group is ridiculous. So the next time someone tries to place me in a “box” by asking “What do you plan on doing to your hair?” or “What is your hair type” I’m going to respond by saying “I don’t know.”

7 Natural Hair Myths Revealed

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7 Natural Hair Myths Revealed

If your hair is naturally kinky, coily, curly or wavy, you’ve probably heard your share of hair myths and half-truths. It comes with the territory! Most of us know that “100-strokes-a-day” is flat wrong and split ends can’t be permanently repaired, but there are others still floating around. Do you recognize any of these common myths.

The Many Uses of Coconut Oil

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<a href="The Many Uses of Coconut Oil Infographic
NaturallyCurly” title=”The Many Uses of Coconut Oil”>The Many Uses of Coconut Oil

What’s a Girl to do?

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With summer coming to an end and my hair beginning to grow out, I find myself asking this question lately. In my previous blog post “The Good Hair Day Remedy” I discussed why temperature, humidity and dew point is so important for curly or natural hair. Now I’m questioning what am I supposed to do with my hair in the winter months? In the summer were trying to protect our hair from all the moisture in the air, I find it comical that we have the opposite problem in the winter. In the winter, at least on the east coast, there isn’t any moisture in the air other than when snows.

I am anxious about my first winter with natural hair. In the past during the winter months my hair was miserable; I suffer from dry scalp during this time and believe me I have tried every dry scalp remedy. Hot oil treatment, hair streamer, oiling my scalp with ever and any natural oil but nothing seems to work. My hair also becomes extremely dry because of the lack of moisture in the air and when I apply a thick creamy leave in these types of products tends to weigh my hair down. So I walk around with white flakes and oil hair, so not attractive! I read an article that stated that newly naturals, who did the Big Chop, have to start detangling after their hair grew out three inches. Guess who’s going to have three inches just in time for winter? Me!

So here’s my plan I’m going to wait until October and then I’m going to start researching what types of products I need to use and start buying samples to try on my hair to help me during this dreadful season. I have to remind myself that this is part of my journey and once I figure out how to make my hair look and feel great during the winter months I have reached this goal. Am I the only one feeling anxious about the effects winter has on natural hair?