Spiced Cognac Anyone?

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With the current heat wave that has hit New York I am so happy that I cut my hair off. Yesterday I went swimming and for the first time in my life I didn’t have to worry about my hair. All I did was add unrefined coconut oil to my hair a few hours before I went to the pool. Coconut oil acts as a barrier to the hair, so the chlorine from the pool doesn’t completely soak into and damage the hair strands. After I finished swimming I shampooed with a swimming shampoo to remove the chlorine and minerals. I finished with a deep conditioner and added a leave in conditioner.

Recently I added a hair rinse to my hair; I used Clairol Jazzy Hair Color called Spiced Cognac. I used this hair rinse once when I was relaxed and I was satisfied with the results so I decided to try it on my natural hair. The hair color can be a rinse or if you apply heat for 30 minutes it can become a semi-permanent color. I applied the rinse on a day that was really hot and since I have no Air Conditioner I figured that if I just keep the rinse in for 30 minutes it should become a semi permanent color. When I initially had this color a stylist applied it. Well I was stunned that the color of the rinse was the same shade of blood, needless to say that after I was finish applying the rinse my bathroom looked like a murder scene. I was even more stunned that the rinse started to run because when I applied it, it had a gel like consistency.

Well after a half an hour, I rinsed my hair and looked in the mirror and saw that my hair was still brown. I was a little upset but I figured that I would apply a henna treatment to my hair and that way I would get the results I was looking for. It wasn’t until I went outside the next day that I noticed that my hair was light brown, I wanted a red tint to my hair but I can work with this color. I wish I could show you my new hair color, but every time I take a picture the camera can’t seem to capture the rinse. As far as if the hair color became semi-permanent or not, I believe it has. I applied the rinse to my hair a week ago and I’ve washed my hair four times since and my hair color is still light brown.